Agencia de Aduanas

We have human capital in the main customs of the country, with experience in the classification of merchandise and nationalization procedures that allows us to comply with these procedures in the shortest possible time.

We have experience in early clearance procedures, which guarantees those who request this service success in the process.

We have personnel in the Customer Service division that oversees obtaining all the necessary information and requirements for import and/or export and keeps our clients informed at each stage of the process.

Fiscal Warehouse and Discharge Official

Our commercial alliances with fiscal warehouses allow us to offer you high quality, trustworthy and experienced services with the intention of giving your merchandise adequate treatment.

  • Customs Warehouse
  • Temporary Deposit
  • Unloading of Containers
  • Short/long term storage

We have an unloading officer who assists in the Fiscal Warehouse, he will ensure that your cargo receives special treatment in the process of unloading from the Fiscal Warehouse and will record the state in which the goods were left when they were left in custody of the customs warehouse.

And on the other hand, we also have the cargo separation service for when clients need to divide the cargo.

Messenger Service

Our courier staff has as one of its main functions the delivery and withdrawal of documentation at customer offices in a fast, reliable manner and the ability to distinguish between important and priority procedures, which contributes to improving customer service.